Monday, April 4, 2011

From Simple to Colorful ;)

You guys should know how I feel about my OPI for sephora's, well if you don't.. I lurrrve them. I wish I could buy every color, but at 9.50$ a pop (yes they did go up from 9$, damn you sephora!) I have to get the ones that really catch my eyes.Which brings me to my next mani. I know I have mentioned flurry up a few times I believe, so I know your familiar with it.

It is marketed as a topcoat, but I wanted to try it by itself and see how many coats it would take before it actually covered my entire nail. Well I stopped at 5 coats. Lesson learned, keep it as a top coat! I even blobbed it on, to get the hexagons silver to stick, but still no luck. Overall, It was worth it, because when I was in Wegman's (which I have to say is amazing! I have never been there before so I was pleased to say the least) I got stopped by two people who said they could see it all the way at then end of the aisle, now that's amazing!
Ah simple, but so sparkly!
Now to the colorful, I have been eyeing the Sally Hansen nail effects for a while, but I thought 10$ was a little pricey for just one use. I mean you could get a whole bottle of O.P.I for that! So I passed, but then I saw them for sale priced for 4.59$ I grabbed two designs and viola! Here are the results:
Also, very easy to do, this took me a grand total of about 10 minutes!
Also we reached our goal! So ladies keep those fingers crossed and good luck!


  1. holly molly! how do you gonna remove those? 5 coats? hahaha, but it's look so beautiful
    i saw it on sale at wallgren but i cant purchased it from here!

  2. Hey Chell:)

    Oh.. you dont even want to know, I used the foil method. Which is a pain, but it works! Basically if you havent heard, you take cotton, soak it in np remover and wrap tin foil around it. You end up looking like a weirdo, but in about 3 mins, your nails are polish chunky glitter free!

    Oh next time you see, grab! It is so easy, and the results are amazing!

  3. that glitter is amazing! All over chunk coverage looks amaaaazing but it's definitely time consuming - and i always feel wasteful! Maybe over a good chrome silver polish? I'm loving the nail effects, i really want the butterfly ones, but being in the uk theyre even more expensive and difficult to get hold of!
    loved this post my dear!

  4. Hi Emily:)

    I have to say Ive been a pretty big fan of your blog for a few months now! I love your designs!

    I tried it with a silver sally hansen color called celebrity(?) def. one of my fave manis. And yes it was very time consuming to say the least!

    If you want to work out a trade for one, im open! lemme know (no pressure of course!)


  5. Chell stole my question, thanks for answering her! I struggle to remove only 2 coats of Sephora's Only Gold for Me, I've gotta try the foil method ;)

  6. Hey Hayley,
    Word to the wise( which isnt me! haha because I didnt do this the first time I used the foil method and looked like a complete idiot struggling to put foil on my fingers, when one hand already had foil on it) One hand at a time. Trust me. Addes a few more minutes, but in the end, makes it so much easier. Oh and Only gold for me is def. on my wish list, so gorgeous!


  7. Girl Flower is pretty cool looking! Flurry really reminds me of a polish I have..that holographic polish I got when we were in that mall in Wakayama in '09, remember it? I should swatch it sometime *just have to find it..*

  8. I love the bottom flower ones. :)
    And as for flurry...ah, it's gorgeous! I'm really excited more and more funky glitters like this one are coming out. I've been eyeing some of the kleancolor's funky glitters, too, have you tried any of them?

  9. Hey S,
    I actually dont own kleancolors and I have major lemmings for them. And they are so cheap! I just went to the website,and the glitters are gorgeous!I def want to put in an order!