Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prepare yourself... and one of the new summer Zoya's

From my last post, I showed my flower manicure using the Sally Hansen designs. Don't get me wrong I love it, but its been a week and I want to change my polish! But I know how HTF the girl flower design is, so I don't want to waste it. And speaking of waste, the kit comes with 16 decals. So if you do the math, 16-10=6. Six wastes decals, because of course on the package it says, Dispose of unused decals. I am not trying to sound cheap, but No! I do not want to dispose of 6 awesomely designed nail decals ( Okay, I sound cheap but I dont care! ha ha)

Well, to kill two birds with one stone( I bet you a man made that one up..) I did this:

This is where the "prepare yourself" comes in..TOES!
Okay, that was one bird- Girl flower on my toes! ( I have to admit, this took guts because I hate my feet) Plus, no wasting of decal. My father who is a very cheap Puerto Rican man, would be so proud;)
And Yes, that is one of the new summer zoya's! It is Zoya Kieko. It is a purple almost jelly like color. Its kind of the half way line between pink and purple. I have to admit, I'm having a love affair with Zoya creams. I love their Duo chromes and glitters, but the creams that they have debuting have been amazing!
Also an update about my adventuring in Konad'n.. I still suck. I mean am I the only one that has a hard time getting the design to transfer to the stamp? I just can not seem to get it right. Boo Hiss!

But that's it for now, it is almost 12am, and I have work tomorrow, and then one of my closest friends is in NY for a few days to hang out:) Talk to you girls later!


  1. Love it..... I think the decal looks sweet....

  2. don't worry about being cheap..I am a cheap,wait..super duper mega cheap! too..hahaha! i hate wasting things that can be used in the future..and it is not wise to waste money or anything, right? I love the nail color...

  3. super cute!! i didnt think they could fit toes!

    im cheap too.

  4. Thanks Steph_gem:) I do too, thats why I was like "throw away unused decals, what you talking about sally hansen!"

    Hey Pamela, when it comes to nail stuff, i agree! well ok, most things too, haha.

    Lol, it barely fit, Rebecca, I kinda was like YES! in my head when I got it on. They need to come out with a toe version now (are you reading this Sally Hansen people?)

  5. love the comboo.
    love ur nails, they look so beautiful

  6. this is so cute! i totally agree with you on the zoya cremes I SWOON for them! They just apply soooooo well!

    As for Konad, watch people do it on Youtube and notice their technique. Here are some of my tips:
    1) Always apply a top coat before stamping, that way you can erase mess ups with a remover soaked q-tip without ruining your base coat.
    2) Instead of pressing hard on the plate with the stamp to pick up the image, try lightly rolling the stamper on the plate, I seem to have better luck with that technique, this is where watching youtube videos can help.
    3) Clean the image plate after every nail. I know its a pain, and it isn't always necessary, but it will ensure a clean pickup every time. For me a lot of times polish will get stuck in the design if I don't clean it which means some of the image might be missed when I try it on the next nail.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to email me, or comment on my blog if you have any questions.

  7. love the colour of the zoya and it goes great with that flower pattern, really cute combo

  8. Erika you have the cutest little piggies ever. If I had feet like that, you'd bet they'd be colored all the time - and I'd have more opened toed sandals :)

  9. I am falling more and more in love with this shade. I don't think you're cheap... I would do the same!!!!
    I also really like the presentation of your photo with the bottle and flowers on the side... very nice!

  10. I really like it! It looks pretty with one decal only. Don't be embarrassed about your feet, they are really pretty! Seriously, you should see mine... then you'd have a better idea of what's an ugly feet! ha ha ha! :)

  11. Aww thanks chell,moondancerjen(ur tips really helped!)love4laqcuer,marta and Beauty Addictw! Sorry for the late reply, I had no idea my post would get so many replies:) Zoyas seriously are number 1 in my heart.

    And 3 cheers for being cheap! Its the best, haha. Ive been trying to find more designs but all I ever find is the bright yellow or hot pink. Which I mean, really? Borrrrringgg.

  12. and thanks for the compliment on my piggies,julie, you have some cute piggies yourself!