Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My picks from the Zoya Promo (Oh thank-you Zoya! - Julie)

wow thanks Erika for staying on top of Zoya in order to find out about this fabulous promo. I cannot believe they were giving away THREE free bottles! Isn't that insane? And none of that "buy this and get that free" just..."here, take these three, just pay for the haul to your place" now that is what I call a deal. How do they have anything left in stock after that??

Ok with that said, both my mother and I participated, so I have 6 polishes to brag about, considering I will have to go to mom's and hijack them after she gets bored of them. ;)

For myself, I chose:


Jo: (I've been eying this swatch for a while!)

Kelly: (it reminds me of a darker prettier and more purple version of China Glaze's Recycle)

And mom got:



and Edyta:

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