Monday, January 3, 2011

New Brand Discovery (Erika)

Sorry for the lack of posts on my part, after the holidays and dealing with being sick (cold sores and all) Julie and I decided to swap christmas gifts before I made my pilgramage back to work in Staten Island. We also hit Barnes and Noble for some much needed leisure, ah...

But while in Rite Aid we both discovered a brand called Jesse's Girl (yes like the super corny song title...) and the colors were out of this world amazing. I picked up two colors( I will post my haul soon!) and one of them was a complete dupe for Zoya's "Charla". The picture of my nails does not even do this justice! They are spot on the same color. The shades of blue, gold, silver and green. It's like a mermaid tail in a bottle.

Zoya "Charla":
Now if you want the look of Zoya "Charla" but for half the price, then pick up a bottle of "Glee" by Jesse's Girl
Here is one more picture for your viewing pleasure:

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