Friday, January 7, 2011

Mail Day! China Glaze Innocence, Zoya Sparkle Gloss, & My First Santee (Julie)

Boy there's no better way to top my day then to come home with packages waiting for me :) I absolutely love the China Glaze Innocence, it's such a pretty baby pink and I think it'll make a nice french mani color. The Zoya sparkle gloss is so amazing! It's very impressive in the bottle and I tried it on one nail and it dried really fast which is a major plus. Santee, this swatch is called Moon Light Glitter. It's my first Santee and honestly, it looked prettier in the stock photo, and in person is not as impressive. I have yet to swatch it though, so that is subject to change!

I'll get around to swatching these either this evening while recuperating from my cold and watching tv, or some point this weekend. For now, here's some close ups for a better idea of the colors.

Don't these two just make you think of all things girlie and bubblegum and unicorns? haha. No, really! This is super femme - and i LOVE the idea of the two of these combined.

an update on the santee, i just attempted to swatch it, and it took me about 3 minutes per finger just to get about 5 stars on each. It's tough to maneuver them out of the bottle, and they barely come up on their own. So this was a complete fail. Cute idea with a decent concept, but a failure of an execution. I guess that's what you get for $2.00.

Another update- i topped the santee with a top coat, and the stars are peeling right out of the polish. Cheap cheap!!!

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