Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zoya Promo (Erika)

As a lover of Zoya, I have been buying zoya for the past 3 years. Like whenever the mood strikes or when they are having a promo.

Well, if you follow them on Twitter, and of course on facebook, you would know that they are giving away 3 nail polishes*! You choose the colors and put in the code( like them on face book to get the code. But lets just say its a combination of a certain social network's initials and a happy new year;)

Here are the the three that I picked(this was a hard one, as I had 12 already that I needed to get...yes needed! haha ):

Now, I own a good amount of colors like this, but something about Reece just caught my eye, it's like a pink, gold and purple swirl of awesome but still feminine enough to wear to work. A great color for the spring. It's from the 2010 Reverie Collection. I have to say it reminds of an oil slick, like the effect when oil and water mix together.
I made the background of snowcicle black so you can see the color that it is. This is stated by Zoya "Zoya Nail Polish in Snowsicle can be best described as: A sheer veil of sparkling, snowy white with iridescent glitter. Adds a glistening icy look to any color or French manicure"
I am hoping this a dupe for a beloved Avon NP that I used to use that was discontinued a few years ago that stupid me forgot the name!

Diana is a jelly based gorgeous red, I don't own a lot of jellies, but this is one color that I have eying for a good while. The one thing that I love about jellies is that they dry super fast! I mean for me, that is!

More to come! Julie also took part of this promo and will be blogging about her picks very soon!

*Buyer pays shipping and handling fee of 6.95$

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