Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cult Nails - Up And Coming and AWESOME! (Julie)

*Tues Feb 15 -Just updating this post to say WOW! I got my Cult Nails Iconic yesterday and I am just in love!! It was everything I hoped and some more. The flakes are the perfect size and amount, it applies smooth, and I'm on the second day of wear (I chopped, I cooked, I worked!) and not even one chip yet. My only recommendation would be to just be sure you let each coat dry before you apply the next to prevent bubblies. I used 3 coats, and no top coat. Though I'm sure seche would help reflect the gold glimmer in this polish. It's just super. And now I think I need to get the other too!

Here are my swatches of Iconic - my application was messy, sorry!

Iconic in direct sunlight. Wow!

I stumbled upon a nail polish *franken genius while skimming blogs the other day, and it turns out that she has released her own line of nail polish called Cult Nails, and so far from what I've seen, the swatches are to die for!

I pre-ordered a bottle of Iconic - it's a deep rose cream with gold sparkles and flakes in it. So completely unique!! When I say I LOVE flake polishes, I mean it. And I feel like there's a whole other realm of possibilities that most nail polish companies (with the exception of Nfu Oh) really haven't explored yet. So my hopes are that this line by Cult Nails is uber successful, so that the creator, Maria Morrison can rock out the flake polishes and make me happy woman :) I see SO much potential in her ideas thus far!

What do you think?

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My Kind of Coolaid:

Living Water:

*franken- mixing together of different nail polishes to create a brand new polish

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  1. these colours are gorgeous!
    my absolute fav is My Kind of Coolaid