Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ohayo (Good Morning!) Polished Fans (Renee)

Been away a bit due to a foot surgery, and yesterday I decided to give myself a much needed manicure :)
All polishes I used are Japanese drugstore brands except the nail decals (Broadway Nail Art.)  Nothing too fancy, but I created a simple yet elegant look that is easy to re-create!

First, I coated my nails with basecoat.  Then I applied two coats of beige polish, to give a nude natural look.  Then I painted the tips with dark pink polish, painted the border between the pink and beige with a thin line of gold glitter with a nail art brush, put flower decals on my ring fingers and thumbs, and topped it off with two coats of clear coat.

Now, forgive me if this is late, (remember, surgery and the fact that there are no Sephoras in Japan) for all those ladies who love everything Kawaii (cute) I found the Hello Kitty for Sephora line, including nail polish!  The packaging is to die for cute, and the color swatches look really good too.  Here's the Sephora stock photo:

Pink Sprinkles looks so pretty!  I might have to nab me some..
Until next time polished fans!


  1. wow!so pretty your nails!!I am not good at decorate my nails,so always I think I wanna go nail salon..><
    I wish I could decorated like you. d:9

  2. We had the same idea....

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  4. Id give it a shot but my nails are nubs compared to Renee's. lol

  5. Meg that's a funny coincidence, that's one of the oldest french manis in the book, you can't go wrong!

  6. That's so pretty! I suck at painting the tips of my nails, the line is always do you make yours go with the curve of your nails?

  7. I used to use strips, but now I do it freehand (mostly because I ran out of strips haha) Let me tell you that is not easy, start with strips but once you get the hang of it you can do with or without :)