Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Vat of Vite and Essie's Mesmerize (Julie)

Wandered into Diamond Beauty Supply today in Oceanside, NY and saw something I've never seen before. A vat of Vite. For $19.99. 4 fl. oz, and a regular sized .5 oz. vite came in the set! And a little funnel for easy refilling. What a great buy! It's basically for the price of 3 Seches (they're normally $6 to $7 each + tax here) you get 9! Did I do that math right? lol.

And after little self-convincing, I also picked up a bottle of Mesmerize by Essie. What an incredible color and formula. It only needed 1 coat on top of CND Stickey base coat for full and bright coverage.

It's slightly similar to Barry M's Indigo, only this is much bluer. In the bottle, Mesmerized appeared to be a softer more powdery blue, but when applied, proved to be more boastful, which was a pleasant surprise.

If my fingers look odd, it's because my middle nail chipped on the side so it looks REALLY off.

And here is Zoya's Sparkle top coat that I LOVE! Had to bling this up.

Oh! I swatched the Cult Nails "Iconic" and just added to the old post, so you can see my swatches of this fabulous brand here. Also want to mention that on my 3rd day of wear, there was still not even one little chip!! Amazing long-lasting formula. Kudos, Cult!

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  1. That sparklie is beautiful! Question: where did you get the Zoya Sparkle?

  2. got it on eBay :) It's the best fancy top coat!

  3. This is so pretty! I love that the sparkle is so subtle. I need to find that topcoat!