Monday, June 6, 2011

My LONG Nails, and My New KOH Polish!

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Hi everyone! So sorry for the time off from blogging. Life, without fail, has a way of interrupting the delicate balance here and there! I had a lot of scares and excitement mixed together over the last few weeks. On the sadder side, my grandmother became very ill and was hospitalized for nearly 2 weeks. Happy to report she is home again and doing well. The excitement comes from my recent engagement!

So to celebrate, I got acrylic tips yesterday. I know a lot of people frown upon tips, hell...I do, too! They hurt. They ruin your nails, they chip easily..blablabla. I get it. And I agree. But I wanted nice nails for when I show off my ring (it's being adjusted!). So I sucked it up and I'll keep them on for a while. My nails were badly damaged from all the stress these last few weeks have brought me, I chewed them down to nubs. So tips were well needed. I did ask for them to be short, because I cannot function well with long nails.

Here goes. My tips, with a nice light pink essie swatch (the name escapes me at the moment). I think I am going to top it off with Glitter In The Air when I get bored. I think that is the least boring color out there. :)

And now for the KOH Polish. I thought Nfu Oh was art in a bottle, well check out this presentation! I've been so psyched to receive this very expensive little treasure, and even more excited to swatch it. Check out the presentation! Quite impressive. This set comes in a shiny black case, with a fan, and a pretty uniquely shaped bottle. Way to go, Koh! You are worth every penny spent! Do you see this swatch? Wow. For all the flakie lovers out there, this is a no-brainer must-have. The color is called Blue Universe.

What do you think? What is your price-limit on polish? Would you pay $30??


  1. congrats on ur engagement! :D and the koh's presentation is just to die for! im really loving the little fan included. anyways, i hope ur week goes awesome! :D

  2. I hear you about wanting nice nails to show off your new ring. When I got engaged (now married) I hadn't put much thought into my nails and regret it now. Congrats on your engagement. Love the KOH polish. :)

  3. Hell no I won't spend that much on polish! YIKES! Which is sad because I really want that bottle! LOL

    CONGRATS on the engagement! Can't wait to see that ring! :)

  4. thank-you!!! I can't wait to show the ring photos, it's being adjusted right now so as soon as I get it back in my possession, I'll take some mani/ring pics :)