Monday, June 6, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle! And I suck at blogging!

Wow! So sorry for the lack of blogs on my part. But the title says it all:P

But I did manage to do a few manicures. I have to say I haven't been feeling super creative as of late. I also have been swamped with school finals and all that jazz. But besides all that boring stuff! Lets get to the good stuff:)

Here is the first manicure!
I recently spotted the next person to jump on the crackle craze! Miss Hansen herself, Sally. I got the only colors they were offering(The others were sold out,boo hiss.) I bought blue (Distressed Denim) and red(Cherry Smash).

 For this mani, I used one of my beloved Sally Hansen nail designs. This was a gold glitter explosion of awesome! I do have to say these did not apply as easily as the girl flower ones from a few months ago. But they were super glittery so I forgave them. The I wondered what the blue crackle would look like on top. So I just added it to my ring finger (ala Julie) It wasn't amazing as I thought it would be, but I liked it!
Glitz Blitz!

Now last week I was in the big easy visiting my sister and niece for her 1st birthday ( I love you mama!) and I did this design:

This is a super sparkly pink color from finger paints called "Hue left me a message". and of course I had to top it with blue crackle. Oh I wish this had photographed better! It looked amazing in real life. I loved it so much that I didn't want to take it off.
Mind the crap cuticles!

Right now, I'm wearing Lubu heels from China Glaze.  It's so gorgeous and perfect for me right now. As I am in mourning. I celebrated a certain milestone in my life and well, lets just say.. it is one that every person (and I mean woman) doesnt exactly look forward too..
I should have taken a pic, but I didnt! And of course now it's too late because 60% of my nails are chipped and gross. Sexxy. But ta ta for now, countdown, 2 more weeks of school and I am free!

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