Friday, June 3, 2011

Blue zebra manicure, all jazzed up

I was looking at my blue zebra mani last night, and rather than change it I was thinking that it might look better with silver glitter stripes along the black, and when my husband suggested the same thing today (without me even mentioning it) that did it- it was decided :)
Blue zebra manicure, all jazzed up by KitaRei
A quick recap: The base color is AC #68, the black is Majolica Majorca, for the silver stripes I used Zoya Luna, and I topped it off with Nailene clear coat.
I think it does look better this way! What do you think?


  1. wow nice freehand!! impressive, love the silver accents

  2. Zoya luna gives it a nice summery look.

  3. I just did a gradient mani with black zebra stripes about a week ago and added silver too! Very nice. :) Following.