Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mint Green and Bubblegum Striped Manicure

I was looking at my Mint Green Dollywink polish that Yoshi got for me, and I know how mint green and pink go so well together, so I decided to do a striped mani :)
Here's a swatch of the Dollywink Mint Green polish:
Dolly Wink Mint Green swatch
I know the cuticle on my middle finger and thumb looks..well..doctored.. ^^;; I put a dab of color over it (I didn't try too it's kinda obvious) so you wouldn't see the cuts on my fingers.
The base color, as I mentioned, is Dollywink Mint Green. I painted the stripes with Hard Candy Bubblegum (remember this one Erika? wink ;) )and I finished the look with Nailene top coat.
Mint Green and Bubblegum Striped Manicure by KitaRei

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