Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beauty faux pas(erika)

We all had our embarrassing and completely what was I thinking moments in life. Well last night I was thinking about all the really bad beauty choices I made in high school and after high school(yes just because you graduate doesn't automatically give you great beauty sense).

By the way, that is not me.. That is the amazing make up artist Kandee Johnson, check out her youtube channel!
In high school, gulp, I rocked the brown lip liner. I am not proud of this and the only thing that I can say to sort of kind of redeem myself is that at least it wasn't black. Now do not even get me started on that whole black lip/ white eye liner combo that girls still wear to this day. Why? I do not even remotely know.

Another ugh moment was the bright red lipstick in middle school. See, I grew up with a Puerto Rican father, and if anyone knows how strict they are, you would know that even looking at a boy would get our asses kicked from sea to shining sea. My dad, did not want me wearing make up. at all. I begged for make up, wore my sisters, and finally for Christmas when I was 12, I received a Naturistics make up kit(shit remember that brand?) I was in hog heaven, but the color pay off was um, pretty much nothing. So when I started the 7th grade, I bought a bright red lipstick from (now this is really going to date me) WoolWorths.
It was the most insanely ugly shade of red, but it was color! And I am sad to report that one day I lost the tube, and never wore red lipstick to school again. Maybe it was an act of god.. who knows.
Okay, it wasn't that bad of a color, but to the degree of which I wore.. yeah it was pretty bad.

And here are a few more beauty don't that I committed in my youth:
Too light foundation
Too dark foundation
frost! as in pink frosty lipstick
shit brown lipstick (AWFUL)

I wish I had pictures of my cousin Jessica, she had the worse make up ever. And if you are reading this, Jessica, I am sorry.. but even you know it was bad. Dark brown lipstick and layers upon layers of black eyeliner. I love me some black eyeliner, but it was overkill to say the least.
Sexy, oui? Gag...
Ok, well I shall go for now! Tata!

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