Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Catching up: Bling Up Your Ring Fingers, My New Favorite Zoya, and Katy Perry OPI (Julie)

Took a bit of a break as I was just vacationing in Lake Placid, and my week was rather busy when I got home and picked up a stray dog on the street! I've devoted this whole week to getting her a new home, and it worked out wonderfully. She has gone home with a great new owner.

SO onto the polish - Blinging up the ring finger! This just about tops any cream swatch manicure and makes it look so much prettier!

This is Barry M's Paradoxal Dupe, called Dusky Mauve. And ring finger is sporting Deborah Lippmann's Today Was A Fairytale.

(please mind my dry fingers, it is a pretty damn cold winter in NY this year and my hands are suffering!)

I had also tried Today was a Fairytale over Zoya's Brenna and it just me, or did it end up looking like bugs or speckles of pepper something? I want to like it, but I just don't! I would suggest using this swatch over a darker one. Maybe over a navy. I will try that out next.

And here is my new favorite swatch of all time. Zoya's Zara. It is so feminine and beautiful! Subtle gold sparkles inside a pale lavender base. This swatch just screams "I am feminine!" and I love it!! Zoya, you kinda rock my world.

How about one last disastrous combo before I hit the sack? I did say bling up, not bling down. So my friends, I do NOT recommend the following manicure idea, because instead of this looking unique and awesome like I had hoped, it just looks like I jammed my ring finger in the door or something equally as painful...and my nail is bruised and ready to fall off. Whoops. You win some, you lose some I suppose.

This is from the new OPI Katy Perry line - the sparkly pink beauty of a swatch is called Teenage Dream, and the ring finger disaster is of course the elusive Shatter polish by OPI. Both from the same collection.

To shed some positive light on this mistake, I think Teenage Dream is well, a dream! It's so beyond pretty and sparkly. I laid it on thick with 3 layers. It needed 2 layers of Seche to smooth it out because there's nothing I can't stand more than bumpy nails.

Good night!!


  1. Love Teenage Dream, I only have a mini.
    Love Zara, I'm a super Zoya fan.
    Love the BarryM...not sure I can even get that brand.
    Deborah Lippmann so does glitter right. I have yet to get one of hers, but Across the Universe is on the top of my list. And for the glittery blah mani, I honestly kind of like it. In one of the swatch pics it slightly reminds me of a different version of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Laced Up.

  2. Love Teenage dream...
    Zoya is my fav brand :)