Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a lil maintenance..(erika)

So once in a while I go for manicures with my boss, and no I don't have one of those glamorous jobs that you read about in a magazine.. or chick lit novel. I'm a live in nanny so I dum dum duhh live with my boss, but I lucked out cause she's pretty cool. So anyway, I usually do my own nails but to be honest, the nails and cuticles.. yeah, they were bad. I usually just push them up(or is it down?..) but these things needed some major cutting. And yes I'm aware of the whole"omg don't cut your cuticles!" but lets face facts.. if they didn't want you cutting your cuticles, then they wouldn't have cuticle cutters. (yes I'm trying to justify this,lol) but I don't cut my I have a professional do that. I'm not that brave,lol.

 Ok, where was I.. yes, manicure! The place we go too, they do a great job.. but their polish selection is sorely lacking, so I usually bring my own. For my finger nails I brought Zoya Julianne:
Zoya really needed to get a better stock photo of this gem, because wowza it's an amazing color! I swear it is like four different versions of purple mixed together!

When I walked in though.. I already heard myself saying manicure/pedicure. Yes, I know its winter and no one is seeing my feet, but that is not true, you know who sees my feet on a daily basis? ME. And they needed some love..lots of love. So 
OK, I'm posting a pic of my toes.. well two toes. I really dislike my toes. I just do. But I wanted to show the beauty that is Diana from Zoya:

Warning! Dry skin alert!
Yes I know I need to lotion up those bad boys, but it's winter and the only people who have silky feet are babies and toddlers. Just sayin..
But seriously, I love this red and all it's jelly finish goodness!

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