Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beauty In A Bottle: NFU OH (Julie)

I just had a great weekend with 2 of my nail polish ladies - we painted nails, we pigged out, we watched tv, then painted our nails again.

Saturday in the mail, my 2 new NFU OH Nail Lacquers showed up. 052 and 059. Part of the flakeys collection. I buy mine from She is based in the USA and offers free shipping. They're $12.50 and well worth the price.

I took a few photos to display these magnificent colors. And there's so many! I am lucky enough to own 3.

Here is 52 and 59 (left to right, 56, 52)

I also participated in my very first (secret cupid valentine's day) nail polish exchange arranged on, and I had a great experience, the person who was to buy for me bought me NFU Oh! This is SUCH a beautiful swatch. I have not used it yet because I have a particular look in mind that requires I use a swatch I don't have yet. So for now enjoy some bottle eye candy.

I also purchased the Deborah Lippmann "All That Jazz" collection on Friday. I know it's a little late, but it was the last one left and I really thought $40 for 3 of her polishes was well worth the buy. The real highlight in this set is Lady Sings The Blues. It really sets itself aside from all the other glitters because it's in a deep navy jelly base. It's probably my favorite polish for the moment. Will swatch it soon. My nails are in terrible shape right now so as you can see I haven't been going swatch crazy. They all broke and I need to fix them up.

Happy Superbowl Sunday.


  1. Amazing Nfu Ohs! I have 50, 51 and holo 65 :)

  2. thank-you! 51 is my favorite!! I was just informed (sadly) that 51 was removed from's database. Does that mean they won't be producing it anymore??

  3. Wow, I don´t know about it! On all accounts, I am happy I own it :)

  4. i love flakies!!!! i wish i owned some NFU-oh. i might need to get on it.