Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My first taste of Nubar (Julie)

For those of you who are aware of Nubar nail polish, you know they are vegan cruelty-free nail polish. They have some of the most unique swatches around. My two new purchased were Nubar Jewels, and Nubar Brilliant. They were a bit pricey, so I hope they hold up and are worth the $ spent! Judging by the beauty of the colors, I have a feeling I'm going to be buying plenty more by them. Jewel is a prism rainbow type swatch in a medium sparkly champagne. Brilliant is a flaky polish, my first ever with this type of a swatch. I tried it on top of an aqua Sephora polish. Not so sure how I feel about it with the Sephora aqua. Maybe I will try it with pink next time. I am sorry once again for my horrible looking fingers. They are extra dry today!

Update on 12/21/10 - I just tried nubar flaky Brilliant on top of China Glaze black - this really showcases the rainbow in the flakes in this swatch. Super pretty!!

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  1. Can u get NUBAR anywhere in store? I am from WA state.