Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Forever 21's Love & Beauty NP - Midnight Glitters (Julie)

I have to give f21 two thumbs up for their cheap NP which I'm going to admit - I've never given so much as a nod to while shopping there. I always assumed (judging by the price $2.80) that it'd be a thin watery formula that would probably take about 5 coats to even resemble the color in the bottle. I was wrong! Now it's not all that amazing - it does have one short-coming - it's a bit too thick, and not the easiest to apply, but that aside, it coats evenly, and the color I tried took only 2 coats to achieve the desired color. I fell in love with this swatch Midnight Glitters. Wow! It's black with green sparkles that really shimmer when they hit the light. It's subtle, but super pretty. I will definitely be getting more.

It was difficult to capture the brilliance of the green with limited lighting. I will try again tomorrow outside if it's a sunny day. (the second photo comes from

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