Thursday, December 16, 2010

My five favorite nail polish colors ...of the moment!

I have over a hundred nail polishes, so this was hard to narrow down. But after picking through my polishes with a fine tooth comb( well not really, but I looked at them really hard!) I have picked these five:
Mermaid to order by Sephora by OPI
There is like 5 different colors in this bottle. If you look you can see blue, green, pink, silver, gold and purple.. yes purple. It's a simple gorgeous color that I have worn many times!
Erika by Zoya
Ok, seriously no bias here. It's just a perk that it shares my name;) This pink gives the look of a creamy pink but its not. If you look at the bottle its a shimmer, with hints of gold. It takes about 3 coats to get this color, but it's so worth it!
Brick by Sally Hansen
This is a true blood red that I have never seen! The formula is amazing and its dries very fast. It's the perfect red to wear around the holidays or just on your toes. Simply gorgeous.

Mademoiselle by Essie
This color gets raves for a reason, its the perfect pink. Voted best nail color in many magazines like Allure and InStyle, its a favorite by many celebrities and stylists. The pink is sheer, but still has enough color to show through, wear it alone or wear it as a french manicure. It's a classic.

pic borrowed from blog thr
ough the looking glass

Charla by Zoya
When I first saw this color, I did a triple look. I have never seen anything remotely like this color before. The swirls of the different blues with the micro glitter, it's enchanting just to look at it. If you ever have a chance to buy this color, do it! It should be in every girl's (and guy's too!) nail polish collection.

Ok I think that's it for now.. Next from me, a blog about gradation manicures!


  1. I love Charla... I'll have to get it someday, but even if I adore and wear a lot of teal I feel I couldn't wear it more than 2 days... And I like my polish to last at least 4-5...

  2. do you get bored of it? Or is it because it chips? I find that all my glitters that are the same consistency as Charla tend to chip really fast!

  3. Hey, this it's Erika!
    If you want a dupe of Charla(which yes is amazing in its own!)OPI has a dupe, and now wet n wild has a dupe too, its called Teal Of Fortune. But yes, it does seem that micro's like Julie stated above chip on me super fast as well, but the pros with the cons;)