Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"I'm back, baby doll!"

If anyone knows where that is from, you are awesome;)

sorry for the lack of posts, last weds morning, I pulled a muscle in my back that made it very hard to do anything remotely easy..aka.. everything.  But I did manage to do a few manis. This manicure was from a few weeks ago, guh.. I know! So bad at posting my nails!

This is Zoya's South beach. I love this color, but you need about 1000 coats just to see the green. I mean I'm sure they didnt mean for it to be a topcoat, but yeah... thats pretty much what it is. It is to bad, because it has so much potential! Under it.. shock.. NYC black. I swear, black makes every nail polish so much more amazing. It is just a fact.

Here is the other manicure that I did last week( that Im still sporting because its clarins 230!) and I dont want to take off that magic that is unicorn pee! But its all peeling and gross so it has to be done!
Crap picture, as I had to use my camera phone. Also take note of that crap konading, doesnt it just have a certain je ne sais quoi? But as I said before I am utter crap at Konading, so you were prepared. But that is it for now, work awaits! Tata for now,


  1. How I Met Your Mother?

    If I had unicorn pee on my hands, I wouldn't want to take it off either. You might could use the power for evil!

  2. I love both manis! I have got to get me some NYC black...I love the way it looks under polishes.

  3. This is my first time seeing Zoya's South Beach..very nice!!!

  4. Yup, How I met your mother, ha ha. Very good!

    It is so cheap, 99 cents. Can't beat that! And it lasts so long with out chipping too. Which, NYC polishes usually do. But black np, the first chip and its done. But it stays for a few days before any chipping.

    I hope this is a Good thing, JQ ;)

    I rarely have seen South beach swatched too, its def. a great color though!

  5. :P I was thinking that quote was from the movie Great Balls of Fire, but It was totally ALSO on How I met Your Mother. :P

    Unicorn Pee. Bwahahaha! That's like what I think of when I use Nicole Count On Me. Unicorns spit all over my hands.

  6. JQ, You are so right it is! I think I have seen that movie about 50 times, so I should have gotten that... I just looked up "count on me" holy! That makes so many nps look amazing! Especially blues. I need that color in my life!

  7. How sweet, I loved it.
    You have good taste.

    Fallow me


  8. I'm so glad I'm a proud owner of a bottle of unicorn pee myself. :)