Monday, May 9, 2011

Flower Glitter French Manicure

Hi everyone,
For this week I did a two-part manicure. I had done a similar manicure to this a few times last year before I started blogging, and I never took a picture of it, so this is kind of like part one. I wanted to take a picture of the original look before I added the rest of the flowers. I think the simpler look is more classy, but as I have worn it before I wanted to spice it up.

First I'll start with the swatch. Hanagoyomi is a cute line of Japanese nail polish that mimics the colors of flowers. It also comes in cute little heart shaped bottles. This color is called Cape Jasmine, or "kuchinashi." It is a pinkish tinted nude shade, great for French manicures. This brand also makes a birth flower line. I need to find more of these.
Hanagoyomi Cape Jasmine swatch
Cape Jasmine photo courtesy of
On to part one. The main color is Hanagoyomi Cape Jasmine. I painted the tips with Hanagoyomi Cattleya (type of orchid.) The big purple flowers are stickers, and I painted the white flowers I used New York Color French White Tip and a no-name Japanese yellow polish for nail designs. I finished the look with Coffret D'or gel topcoat.
Basic floral glitter french mani
This is part two. I painted the smaller purple flowers with Maybelline forever strong metallics + Iron Punked Out Purple.
Flower Glitter French Manicure by KitaRei

Which look do you like better?


  1. So cute!! You are getting so good at this renee:)

  2. I like the both, but I'm more biased towards part 2 because I love flower designs!

  3. I like part two better but both are nice. You are so good at this!