Friday, May 13, 2011

My First FRANKEN! Glitter In MY Eyes

I'm so excited to say that I have finally tried out frankening, and I think I might be good at it! I started with a bottle of Rainbow by China Glaze, and dumped a small vile of teal sparkles, a small vile of pink sparkles, and a few dustings of green loose pigment, and voila. We have my first franken. That which I will name Glitter In MY Eyes (my take on Glitter in the air)

The pink from the sparkles kind of melted into the color which I ended up loving, and the green added a more shimmery base to it. All in all, I really love it!I love how the glitter kind of floats in the color instead of an all over glitter type of thing. And I love the iridescence of Rainbow.

What do you think? Do you franken? I can't wait to try more!!! Any suggestions?


  1. It's gorgeous!! I've been considering frankening, but I'll try it out as soon as I've swatched all my colors.

  2. I love this polish!!! I franken alot and it's really fun! you sould try more!