Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wet n wild, why you impress me so much?

I just have to say, WnW has been steller with their offerings this past year. From eyeshadows to eyeliners. I have been nothing but impressed with the new products.

Last night, I went food shopping with my boss( if this sounds weird, it aint, I'm a live in nanny) in pathmark( a supermarket chain in the states) and I was kinda of shocked to see that they had put in a huge Wet n Wild display with new products! Including there new Mermaids Cove nail polish collection. I practically sprinted to it like a cat chasing a mouse.

But the one thing that caught my eyes was a color called Waves of enchantment. It was like a shimmery light coral, but with more pink. It has been desribed as a carnation pink with lots of sparkle and shimmer. It is just a gorgeous color, and perfect for the spring/summer months. Overall dry time was pretty fast, I mean it wasn't a minute but I would l clock it around 3 minutes.
Waves of Enchantment- 1.99$
 Seriously, how stunning is this shade? I would have to say a good dupe for this color would be Zoya's Rica. Except Rica is more red. Both amazing colors to say the least. But that's it for now, going to watch some gilmore girls on Soapnet and probably fall asleep. Don't judge me.
 Tata for now!


  1. I totally agree with you. Wet n wild is really impressing me lately. I haven't found this collection set yet.

    I love the name of this one. It is really beautiful :)

  2. Oh wow this color is beautiful!!! I'm gonna go on a hunt for this!

  3. lovely! Yeah, wnw has been really impressing me too!! I bought one of their lipsticks and I actually really loved it :)

  4. Im glad im not the only one impressed!

    rmcandlelight and Spin, I believe it is still trickling in a lot of stores, so keep ur eyes opened!

    I havent gotten one of their lipsticks yet, but even in the past I was always impressed with the selection of lip products. I remember for halloween many moons ago, they had a lipgloss that looked super dark, but it was gorgeous (like clinque blackhoney) They discontinued it though boohiss!

  5. Erika, that color is gorgeous!!! I def gotta pick up some new wet n wild stuff when I visit. Remember how their brand used to be? (for example, the pencils sucked. Everytime you sharpened it, hte point would fall out, and their old colors were..blah) But they really re-invented their line!

    LOVE that cat pic btw, I laughed so hard I almost cried~

  6. Yeah some of there stuff was pretty bad though! Like the lip pencils were only half filled.. come on! I mean it's 99 cents but still.. that was pretty lame-o of them. I knew you would apprciate that:) I burst out laughing like a crazy person everytime I click it.

  7. I wish we had more WnW available here (Finland). We have a small core line but none of the collections are ever released here. :(