Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wet n Wild..Say what??!

You saw from my last Wet n Wild post that the nail polishes and from what you saw, the colors are amazing! But have you seen the new palettes that they have been releasing?

I managed to find two of the three six pan palettes that were released in Feb, and can I say..WOWSVILLE? And I'm not talking about the diner from Ghost World. The colors are so pigmented and gorgeous!
                              736 Petal Pusher
Don't mind the two colors that were pressed back into their pan, I'm a nanny. Make-up and toddlers, bad equation.
 737 Blue had me at hello.

Look at those blues! 
Now their is one more palette, called 738 Comfort Zone, which is based on browns and greens. It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine!!!...if I can find it...
By the way these palettes retail for...4.99$ 
Three new colors, 232C FuchsiaRama, 223C The Gold & The Beautiful, and 228C Teal of Fortune. Teal of Fortune was a gift from an ebay seller from whom I bought the silent treatment palette. It was such a sweet thing, and seriously the nicest thing any ebay seller has ever done. And folks, I have bought quite a few things from ebay (I am not proud of this) The fast dry polishes are 1.99$ each. Amazing.
Look at those flakes!
Seriously, this is an almost 100% dupe for Zoya Charla or OPI catch me in the net. But for a fraction of the cost!

Okay, well considering that I've been up since 3am, (can not sleep..) I am going to try and probably fail at giving this sleep thing another go. Ill be back with some new nail polishes!
Ta-Ta for now,

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