Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here's another one!

Hey everyone,

Hope everyone had (or possibly is still having) a great St. Patrick's day! Sadly I didnt get to go to a pub(Tarah), but I did have a celebritory shot, so at least their is that! Here is my St.Patty's day manicure. (or is it St. Paddy's?) 

I used Zoya in Ivanka, from their Sparkle collection and this amazing micro glitter that I got from Micheal's a craft store. Seriously, the most amazing glitter you will ever find for doing a gradiant look. and to finish, I painted a pastel green shamrock on my ring fingers. The finishing touch was a little green rhinestone on each one. Overall, a very cute and easy manicure!
That's it for now! Have a great Friday everyone:D


  1. I love the gradient with Ivanka! She is so on my wishlist!

  2. To Manicured Monkey, Thanks:) it's that glitter! It is amazing. If you ever find yourself in a craft store get it..its from creatology.

    To Painting Rainbows, Zoya is having a huge promo today so def. get it!

  3. peripatetic33
    love it love it love it
    lets skip Thanksgiving and Christmas and do St. patty's again right away lol