Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Good morning, and happy St. Patty's Day everyone!
It's been a little crazy where I am, but to escape the stress for a little I was able to do a special manicure for today :)

Sorry the picture is a little big.. I tried to shrink it and failed.. miserably.. but yeah, that is the least of my problems at the moment. Maybe one of my lovely co-bloggers could help me out this time around xoxo (Fixed Renee, xoxo back)
To achieve this look, of course I started with a good base coat. Always use one ladies, as some nail polishes stain nails, and it helps the polish to stay put. As the main color, I used Orly Salon Nails #196, Femme Fatale. It is a pretty, light, pearly green. For the dark green, I used China Glaze #886 Jolly Holly that Julie gave me for Christmas, and the light green is Sally Hansen Color Fast #10 Lucky Creme. I coated the tips with a green glitter, Wet 'n' Wild #455A.
Sorry for being so short of words this time around, but I am under a lot of stress, and the creative juices just aren't flowing today.
Later everyone :)

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