Sunday, February 6, 2011

Models Own Gold Rush - $130,000 Nail Polish (Julie)

I crap you not my friends. Models Own released a $130,000 nail polish called Gold Rush.

What makes Gold Rush so exquisite? Well it's certainly not what's inside. It could, however, be the the hand-made gold cap, or possibly the 1,118 diamonds adorning it. But what do I know?

I wonder, did they sell even one? I can't imagine anybody besides celebrities feeling the need to own something as "blinged out" as this stuff. Who knows, some rich people will buy just about anything.

Like the color but want to go a cheaper route? Models Own also has this lacquer available for a mere £5 on their website...but don't expect any gold or diamonds. Just a fabulous gold color. It's called 24 carat gold.
 For those of us in the US, you can try Nubar's 2010, a golden flake top coat that compliments just about every color you can imagine. Though I do recommend trying it over red.


  1. That bottle top is gorgeous!!

    2010 is lovely over blue I must try it over red. Now I'm going to be trying it on every color. Lol! :)

  2. (this is Erika)
    I recently just tried 2010 over barry M Indigo, and its gorgeous, so much that it finally made me buy a bottle of 2010. I think it would look amazing over a red, do post a pic pls!