Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L.A. Girls Rock Star Double Platinum

Ok I know it's Wednesday, and I should be posting a pink mani, but I had already done this one, so this time I'm sticking with it :p

I got this in Japan a few months ago, and I didn't get any more (though I REALLY wanted to) as they were all overpriced (as all foreign polishes are here), and the store is all sold out :*( This is a beautiful champagne-gray toned holographic glitter. It's a mix of regular and holo glitter, and in the bad store lighting I didn't notice that it had holo in it until after I painted my nails-a pleasant surprise to say the least! All nails two coats except the middle, which has three. I definitely think it needs the third coat. Awesome polish, I love it!


  1. I think it's very pretty. Could it be used as a kind of effect top coat?

  2. Thanks ladies!

    Rainbow, I think it could be. It definitely needs several coats to get all that glitter on, so I'd bet it would work nicely as a you have me thinking of combos!