Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty tips (Renee)

Good morning everyone!

Renee here, with a few beauty tips. I've actually finished my next mani, gold glitter over red polish to make a glittery-burgundy look, but since it's night here and the lighting's bad, I'll put pics up tomorrow.

Got dry, damaged hair? Did you know that Vitamin E can make your hair shine? It can if you take enough of it regularly. It also helps wounds to heal and reduce scarring, and strenghtens skin. Good sources of Vitamin E are brown rice, nuts, wheat germ, and green, leafy veggies. Popeye really had something there with his spinach!

Love garlic? Betcha didn't know that it is said to be a miracle food that can combat wrinkles and sagging skin! Again, gotta eat enough regularly. One helping of garlic bread isn't gonna cut it!

Bugs Bunny also had it right- carrots are extremely good for you. Not only do they contain beta carotene, but they can also help protect the outer layer of your skin and even possibly prevent premature aging.

Now, all of these things aren't going to make you look 21 again overnight. With all health foods, you have to commit and consume them regularly to see any effect.

I'll be back tomorrow with my newest mani :)

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  1. Post pics when you wake up, of course;) I want to see that mani!