Friday, March 4, 2011

New Polishes ☠Warning naked nails and crap cuticules!☠

But before I show you the new polishes that I got, avert your eyes if you have to...
I decided to give my nails(following Julie's example) a breather. I have to say it did feel nice, but by Thursday I was ready to get to polishing again!
Luckily the very same day, I received a package from ebay(coughevilbay) from a seller in NY. I purchased a few polishes( but had to stop myself!) I also wanted to use my ebay bucks before they expired! I got three colors that really caught my eyes!
I remember seeing these in Ulta a few years ago and for some reason I didn't get them. I think I may have been Christmas shopping and had the "Nothing for you, Erika.."mantra You know that little voice in the back of your head that never shuts up during the Christmas season? But now that I found it on ebay, I had to get it! It is so pretty in real life.
I had never heard of these polishes before.. I googled them, and holy rollers, these are amazing halo's! I got mystical mandarin. I am on the look out of the blue version (which names escapes me at the moment..)Blech those cuticles. I swear.
Ahh another Sally.. I always wanted to try the nail prisms, but I never picked one up. I saw this and thought "Hmm I wonder if it would be a nice kindasortaperhaps dupe for Clarins 230". It almost is..almost. But this has more red in it then blue. It still is an amazing color non the less.

And last but not least,  my attempt at a purty manicure. BEHOLD! I tried to get to do a tweed look. It was fun trying, even if it was not exactly what I was going for.

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  1. Erika that revlon is so pretty! I am such a sucker for reds these days - or is that a very deep pink? Either way, very pretty!