Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am Under Elle's Spell!

This is a long-time want of mine, and I was able to trade with a wonderful lady over at makeupalley.

Now I know I said I wouldn't be swatching all that much for the next few days, but I already had red nail polish on, so i thought it wouldn't be cheating if I just throw a layer of Elle's Spell on top to see if it's worth all the fuss. News IS! It's so pretty and lights up in the sun. It's what I'd call the perfect swatch. No doubt, Erika you are going to LOVE this!

Does anybody else love Elle's Spell? Oh, and did you notice our new March banner?? We are going to change our banner every month because well, we feel like it lol. And it's fun!

This is swatched with just 1 layer of Elle's Spell over a candy apple red polish. I bet 2 or 3 would make this even neater.

You know you want to click me! Look at the close up!


  1. You take the nicest pictures, I hate you and your camera.

  2. WOW I usually not a fan of red polish, but this is AMAZING. I would totaly wear it :)
    And your nails and pictures are great!