Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Swap goodies!

Ok part of them, I did a makeup/polish swap with an American girl in Germany, and these are the nail polish goodies that I got!

Swap with Cinnamon Cocoa from Makeup Talk 1
In this pic: Essence Gel Look Topcoat, MNY (Euro Maybelline Line) #553, Flormar numbers 418, 419, 431, 314, P2 Most Wanted #10 True Blue, P2 Color Victim (LOVE that name) #601 Good Luck, and Catrice Cosmetics #300 Be My Millionaire

I'm in love with all of these polishes! I really can't decide which one I like best, there's metallics, creams, a gel topcoat (LOVE those) and even a duochrome in there! I was so excited to see MNY, it is a German Maybelline line with super fun colors (not just polish, makeup too) aimed at the younger set, think Urban Decay. I think the logo looks rather Urban Decay-ish, actually. I so wish we had this line at home, all we get are the boring Maybelline Express colors. I did a post with all of the goodies at All Glitzed Up (this blog is strictly polish, so I didn't post the other pics here)

I can't wait to try all of these out!