Thursday, December 15, 2011

Maybe giving does reap reward?

As much as I love giveaways (and I do!) But sometimes it would be nice if I won one! Well on the day that I sent out my polishes, I jumped on twitter to see that Zoya was having flash promos! Of course the negative Nelly in me was like Ill never get one. But just as I was about to move on, a flash promo appeared! And I jumped on it. And won! What a rush! Well what did I win?
Look at that wrapping!

Oooo Shiny!

A Zoya Color Box!

Trixie, Raven and Luna!

It's actually a funny (kinda) story, I remember ordering two of the Luna's when Zoya released the Ultra glitter collection way back. One was for me(of course!) and one for Renee because right at the time her Maine coon, Luna, had just died and I wanted to cheer her up. Well only one came with a note saying that Luna was out of stock. So I kind of just forgot about getting Luna again, and I guess I'm glad I did!

The other two are Raven, which is a glossy black, gorgeous and should put Black Satin from Chanel to shame! Not that I wouldn't say no to Chanel, ha ha. And the other is Trixie, it's a crazy shimmering silver that is very opaque. At first I thought Celeb City by Sally Hansen was a great dupe, but actually Trixie is more silver and bright(does that make sense?)

So thank you twitter and thank you Zoya! You made a girl very happy:)

Tata for now!


  1. Oh wow, that's a great prize! Congrats! :)

  2. Awesome! Finding out you won something is always a great surprise!

  3. Thanks guys! It really did make my day getting this in the mail:)

  4. Congratulations! I'm so glad that you won that!! :D

  5. Aww Erika, I'm so glad that you won and got yourself a Luna! It's such a beautiful color, I really cherish mine :) Congrats!!!!