Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ruby Pumps by China Glaze

Okay, another red, sue me! Okay, don't! This is one of my favorite China glazes. It's just a gorgeous sparkled filled glitter packed red.
It's also a bitch to photograph! Out of about 20 photos, these were the best four to use. (mind the cuticles..please) I have to admit that I used white as a base first, because as much as I love this color, it takes a lot of coats to achieve that bright opaque red!

If you are starting a polish collection, this is one of the reds you must get! It is worth every penny and perfect for the holidays!
I'm also here to let you guys that the other two blogs that I write in are going to have a giveaway:
ALL GLITZED UP! and ERIKAJANEJEWELS. So please stay tuned, they will be awesome prizes!

Okay back to work!

Ta-ta for now,


  1. That color is awesome! Color Club just came out with a similar polish, only it's jelly, and cinnamon scented! Must get.. want both..LOL

  2. Thanks guys!

    Hey Wifey-
    Ill be on tonight! if you are on, or ill talk tomorrow. Someone came home yesterday sick..

    Thanks Miss L!