Monday, September 12, 2011

More red! (like that's a bad thing...)

If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again, red is my favorite color. I have this color from Sally Hansen called Brick Wall, its this gorgeous creamy blood red. I must have worn it at least 20 times already. And as seeing as it's fall( yeah yeah I know it's technically not fall yet) I grabbed it.But I've been spoiled with my super glitters and holo's because when I was finished it just didn't feel quite right yet. I went through my drawer of polishes and put on this super glittery holo topcoat that Julie gifted to me a few months ago. You have to be super patient with it because you will need about 4-5 coats of it before you see the effect. And even when you do get the effect it's really hard to photograph.I took a whole crap load of photographs, inside and outside. And still had a hard time capturing it. I need to get a light box already!


Here is a link to the holographic topcoat:
But I'm off for now, tata!


  1. Gorgeous red, I didn't know inm made a glitter topcoat that's cool.

  2. I love Brick Red! I remember you recommended it to me a few years ago-I bought it and loved it ever since :) I know what you mean about being spoiled with glitters/etc., it's exactly how I am now-back in the day I'd just paint my nails and that's it, but now just one flat color isn't good enough anymore :p Great combo with the glitter holo topcoat!

  3. I really love that holographic glitter top coat - once you've got it, you can't live without it. :)