Thursday, September 15, 2011

Butterfly flitter away!

I'm sure a lot of you read Emily nail files, a few months ago she posted this adorable bumble bee nail art. I loved it, and knew I had to recreate it but give it my own spin.
I don't know if any one has realized this, but I am bat shit crazy about butterflies. If I could change my name to Butterfly I would (Okay I wouldn't but that is only because I like my name..also one of my favorite singers is Butterfly Boucher, We even have the same bday, June 2nd). I used a Frankenstein color that I made, a bright shimmery baby blue for the background (curse you background for sucking all the color out) milani neon purple, and various nail art polishes.
This was a little more difficult to do, I took my time drawing the butterfly making sure it actually did indeed look like a butterfly.
I had to show a picture of the thumb. How hot is my flower? Modesty, that's me to a T.  I finally managed also to find two more of the Revlon's super glitters. One for Renee and the blue one(Blue Mosaic) that was shoved all the way in the back.. No smokey canvas though! boohiss.

I am going to try and post some pics of blue mosaic for my next blog, but ta-ta for now!


  1. i loved everything about this post. the one thing i would like though is an up close on the butterfly so i can admire it more. this is so cute

  2. Thanks guys:)

    Aithne, I tried so hard to get a close up, but every time I put the camera to the butterfly, the macro would focus on the flowers and not the butterfly. The best I could do is upload the original size, so if you click the pic, you can get a pretty good view. But thanks for the admiration:D

    Thanks:) You always seem to leave a positive comment, thanks for that!


  3. I'm a new follower :) This looks great! I've seen the bee one before somewhere else & I was thinking of different ideas to do with the same concept!

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