Thursday, September 8, 2011

Revlon Scented Cotton Candy (Japanese Version)

So you know the new scented nail polish line that Revlon has? Well, they released Japanese versions. In this set all of the bottles are smaller, and there is an exclusive polish, Ramune (a type of bubble gum-like flavored Japanese soda with a marble inside the top, pronounced ra moo nay), the light purple one in the picture. I need to pick it up:)

ramune image by:

The weird thing is, this line and one other line are the only ones with small bottles, all the rest of the Revlon polishes come in the same size bottles as the US has (tho the bigger bottles are a little bit pricier.) One thing I do love is that since Japanese girls are so into nail design, many companies (including Revlon) go so far as to create some nail design ideas to go along with the polishes they release. Pics of that at the bottom!

Revlon Scented Cotton Candy (Japanese Version) by KitaRei
Revlon Scented Cotton Candy (Japanese Version), a photo by KitaRei on Flickr.

This is a really pretty color, I believe it's the same as the US version. It's not actually a pearly pink, but pink with gold shimmer. I tried so hard to get the shimmer to show up in the picture, but no matter how hard I tried it just wouldn't, so it looks like a different color in the photo.

It smells really yummy, and I love the color. I can't stop smelling my nails! However, Erika wasn't kidding about Revlon's formula-the application is only so/so, applies streaky (took 3 coats) and takes ages to dry. It actually dries "soft", so even after it's dried it can still be nicked if you're not careful. I'll still buy more anyway, I like these polishes despite their flaws.

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