Saturday, August 20, 2011

The West Memphis Three Are FREED!!! A New Car, And A New Swatch!

*If you have an opposition to the West Memphis 3, I ask only that you first educate yourself on this case before posting controversial comments. Visit to learn about them.*

Hi everyone! I am sorry I've been mia - I have a heaping pile of issues going on in my life right now regarding fertility, my health, and my future. Needless to say, it hasn't been all shits n' giggles for me. I will fill you all in soon, and I promise some awesome swatches are to come.

But right now I want to focus my attention on the fact that the WEST MEMPHIS THREE are finally home! I am so happy, despite the lame Alford plea, that they will be able to continue their lives...18 years later...outside of jail. The case will continue investigating, and hopefully the DNA evidence can point investigators in the right direction. (ahem...TERRY HOBBS)

I have been a WM3 supporter for over 15 years. I have poured my heart and soul into spreading awareness of their case, and I am pretty sure I was able to get a lot of friends on board as well.

I threw together a few designs this morning, and posted them on Zazzle for sale. Please pass along the designs, as I will donate all money received from my sales to so that they may continue the investigation. It is imperative that we find justice for the 3 boys who were murdered, and clear Damien, Jason, and Jessie's names for good.

I'm going to link the designs below here, but I am going to make them available in ALL shirt types, so please visit my Zazzle Shop for all designs, and designs to come.

so to report some more happy news, my 30th birthday just passed (that's not the happy news!) and I got an amazing new camera for better photos that I haven't been able to fully test out yet. It's the Canon EOS 69D, digital SLR. What a fantastic camera!!

And, I got a new JEEP! Not for my birthday though, but because my JEEP is ready to be laid to rest. 130k miles, yes, it's time!

My new Jeep, a Wrangler Unlimited Mojave Ed.

Oh, you were expecting some nail polish, right?? Here is my current swatch, a very coveted and beautiful swatch by OPI Sephora - Midnight Mambo. Excuse my peely fingers.


  1. This was the highlight of my day yesterday! Spent all afternoon spamming my Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook with the news. I nearly cried at the photo of Damien out and about. I am so proud to have been a supporter and donor of this cause over the years. Although it's far from real justice, at least they're out of jail with their loved ones!

  2. Happy birthday, and yay for the new car. Have fun with your camera, and thanks for informing us of things that we don't hear about in Aus.
    Great polish too.

  3. The blue colour is amazing!! It makes me happy..