Thursday, August 18, 2011

Models Own Orange Sherbet swatch

Hi everyone! Unfortunately my nails are still short, so I am still doing swatches for the time being.
I bought this polish and a few others about two months ago from Kitten Nails' blog, and I have to say, for an orange nail polish, this color is amazing! It is a neon pearl, if that makes any sense. It is a pearly color with neon vibrance, it definitely stands out. However, this is a neon for neon haters, (especially for neon orange haters!)the pearl gives it a pretty, soft edge. It really is the color of orange sherbet, like having it on your fingertips. This is my first Models Own polish, but I definitely will be buying more!
I will be putting on these awesome Japanese 3D false nails for a party tomorrow (Erika remembers these, she was with me last year when I bought them in Tokyo). I will try to get a good picture of them!


  1. Very pretty! I like softer oranges like that. Bright oranges don't really work well with my skin tone.

  2. I do remember, I cant wait to see what they look like! This color reminds me of the mango sorbet from Haagen daz. Mmmmmmm. So pretty!