Monday, August 1, 2011

Red! Red! I love red!

I really do. It has been my favorite color since I can remember. While other girls were singing the praises of pink, hot pink, and various shades of purples.. I was all about the red. It's the color of passion, the color love and if you're into it.. bloood.

I haven't really used my Zoya Sooki ( and speaking of blood, I wonder if this blood red is inspired by True Blood..I'm gonna say yes) and I bought a whole crap load of Milani's on eBay a while ago( mostly to just get the Chanel dupe of Jade, "dressmaker") and I hadn't used my one coat glitter in Red Sparkle that came in the lot that I scored for about 10$.

Being a big fan of the blog "Chloe's Nails"(come back!) and her scotch tape method that she does. I gave it a try and at first I screwed up and had to redo a nail( Memo: lets nails try completely, Erika) but the end result was very nice and worth the wait!

The Milani one coat glitter was more like a two coater, but you could get away with just one. I do think that two coats really made the glitter more dense and pop though. Seriously this color could give Ruby pumps by China Glaze a run for it's money!

I also wanted to ask, has anyone tried these: Nail shields! They are kind of amazing! Renee and I found them in Japan, and I finally used them the other day, felt weird at first, but def. helped as I am inpatient and can't wait more then five minutes for my nails to dry!

oh good grief, why do cameras pick up everything, my cuticles look scary..

Note to self(again) cool lighting is not your friend.
Also ladies, don't forget 500 follower giveaway is coming up! And then a 750, I brought back lots of goodies from Japan for that one, so please follow us!


  1. This looks great I have the purple one coat glitter and it's awesome!

  2. Thanks guys:) Veronica, I have everyone of the glitters except purple. and its so pretty!

  3. The first one is awesome!! I think I should buy a glitter polish soon!