Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Japanese polish looks

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I went to Japan a few weeks ago to visit Renee. And of course brought back a slew of nail polishes with me. A few were birthday gifts from Renee, and some were "oh my lanta.. I need these in my life!"
From Renee! Nice smooth application and dries in about five minutes.
No, I don't have a monster sized hand, the bottles are tiny!
 A nail polish that Renee bought me, is a creamy gorgeous Tiffany blue. This is a great replica of China Glaze "For Tiffany". I can not remember the name though! But I will find the box it came in and report back!

On top, I added pa Pink Crackle, I have to say this crackle you need to be swifty with it, because it dries fast and putting on two coats makes it gross looking.  
I bet you are wondering what pa stands for, and to tell you.. I have no idea. Sorry!
I did manage to find this blogger who says there is a store in Chinatown in NYC that sells Pa, I may have to check it out! 
 As you can see, the Japanese love everything tiny,lol. From their clothes to red bulls! Tinnnny!
 Almost all of the nail polishes that I encountered were in small bottles. But the prices were good, so I didn't care. The Pa polish was about 2$ and the colors are amazing! I have a few more that I want to blog about, and Renee and Julie do too:) But for now, back to work!



  1. Thanks! There will def be some pa nail polishes in our next giveaway!


  2. Oh! you got a Dolly Wink nail polish! I love this brand, they have nice make up, too!

  3. Oh Thank you so much Naildelrella! Yes it is a Dolly Wink, you saved me a trip from going through the landslide that is my room,lol.


  4. The first one is a Dolly Wink (I think)! Someday I have to get my hands on some Japanese polish!

  5. China glaze's tiffay color is called For Audrey! ;) I know because it is my favorite.

  6. Hey Katie, Thanks:) I wish I had seen more of them, the application is flawless!

    Liz, I kick myself for not buying one when I saw them in Sally Beauty Supply. Now they are htf in NY. I guess ebay I shall be a goin~

    Thanks again you guys:)

  7. Erika, that combo is awesome! I love it!

  8. I really love the green colour cute..
    but,to be honest, I think you shouldn't put the pink crackle on the grey colour polish.. It makes your nails looked kinda messy.