Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Marie Claire Paris Top Stage GD 81 swatch (Renee)

Hi everyone! Long time no post. I've been a little busy, a month ago Erika came to visit me in Japan, then two weeks later we both went to NY together. I just came back recently, and I have been working, going to class..etc. I did go to Kyushu the other day, it was BEAUTIFUL. I will share a picture next post!

Anyways back to the polish. I broke a few nails while I was in NY, so at Julie's house while we were hanging out and polishing our nails I cut them all off, and am starting to grow them all over again. Because of this, for a while I will only be doing swatches.

They sell Marie Claire products (you know, like the magazine) in Japan, (not in NY, too bad..) so when I saw them, I picked one up! This is a nice bronzy-gold color, it looks orangey in the pic, but it is definitely more of a bronze. It's too bad you can't see the design on the bottle so well, as the color is almost the same color as the polish, it's really pretty.

Ugh.. gotta go to work in an hour.. see you later!


  1. very pretty color I've heard of the magazine i had no idea they make polish.

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  3. ohhh..what a pretty colour!! Totally in love with it!