Sunday, July 24, 2011

So in the name of Vanity...

I got acrylics done to my nails for my trip to Japan a few weeks ago. If you have ever been to Japan or even seen pics of the girls in Japan You know that everyone and their mother have these beautiful nails with the most insane and gorgeous designs. And well I have nubs.
Long nails in Japan at Renee's apt. in Osaka!

Very cute butterfly design that I will do a post about!

I have to say it did feel great having them on, knowing that I could do anything design wise. And it did feel good, but.. yes their is a but.. I couldnt do anything! Opening cans was an utter nightmare and before I knew it.. they had to go.

But before I even could grab the bottle of acetone and 1000 cotton balls, something bad happened :que dark and creepy tone: as I was going down the stairs I hit my right hand on the banister and pop! pop! pop! three nails came off. I took it as a sign and now I am the proud owner of stubs. Beautiful short stubs.

But I also wanted to say sorry for the absense of us, we are all vacationing, but now we are back in blog mode! Also the 28th is Julie's birthday, so stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Tata for now!


  1. definately a sign to take them off. Love the butterfly design

  2. Thanks Cat:) I will do a tutorial for them. And yes, no more acrylics for me!


  3. I can't wait until the tutorial! Look's like a great design! Three nails falling off is definitely a sign for them to go.

  4. Hey Katie, I will post asap! It is so easy too!