Monday, June 20, 2011

My two new nail polish Addicts:)

Yes, it's me. Your fair weather nail polish friend;)

I have been pretty busy lately so I apologize for the lack of postage! Who knew that having a full time job and going to school part time would make you boring? I for one did not! I kid, though.

I bring just one manicure for you, and it's funny because its the same color that Julie posted right down below, the periwinkle one. It's a gorgeous creamy blu-iesh purple, but it chipped so fast! Even with Seche. China Glaze, you are letting me down!

I also have managed to make two more people obsessed with nail polish, the two little girls I nanny for:
 That's gina, do not let the sweet smile fool you. She is a handful! But she asks me everyday to polish her nails. If you look very very closely at the picture, you can see she is wearing "Back to the Fuschia" by Wet n Wild.
And here is Nicole on the side of Gina. She is my
little helper, always helping me clean up or telling her sister too. But once again, told let the scrunchy face fool you, she's a real handful too! You can't see her nails but she is wearing one of the Insta-Dri Nail polishes called "Lovely Lilac" By Sally Hansen.
So two new nail polish addicts to add to the universe!
And to anyone who is wondering, yes I did get mom's permission to post pics. Also If anyone is a fan of the movie Eat Pray Love, Gina played the baby at the end.

Okay, here is my manicure from last week, its the same periwinkle that Julie used. But with a dusting of fairy dust by CG.. (Word play, aha!)
 Mind the smudging, I always seem to do this when I take a picture with my camera. Anyway, it's getting late and well I'm lazy. Ta ta for now!


  1. I love nanny work. Makes my days so much more interesting!

  2. oh yeah, catch them while they still young ;-D

  3. Hey thenailholic, OH cool! Another nanny who has a polish blog, we can swap tips!

    Its funny, Nail Crazy, I actually hesitated with polishing their nails, but they were asking me everyday for weeks, so I finally gave it, and now.. I have no idea what I was thinking!


  4. I'm a sucker for periwinkle! I still need to get that one. And the girls are so cute!