Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi everyone!
I got the Pirates of the Caribbean Silver Shatter about a month ago, and I've been dying to swatch it ever since. I was waiting to get another OPI color to swatch it over so I could add it to my Flickr OPI album.

Speaking of Flickr, has anyone noticed how weird it's been acting lately? Since the other day it is giving me hell when I try to post pics, one time it says it doesn't go through, and another it says it went through but I don't see anything.. (so if this gets double posted.. you'll know why.)

Anyway, so I found a drug store that has some OPI polishes CHEAP, (and they were running out) so I grabbed Chicago Champagne Toast while the getting was good so I could swatch it with the Silver Shatter.

First, a swatch of Chicago Champagne Toast:
OPI Chicago Champagne Toast Swatch
It's a really pretty metallic mauvey-pink. It looks great on it's own, but I was dying to swatch the shatter polish. Now the mani:
OPI Silver Shatter over Chicago Champagne Toast

As always, thanks for looking!!


  1. Those are nice together. Good find too!

  2. your silver shatter shatters better than mine lol You ladies have an award on my blog btw,

  3. perfect combination, love this..