Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blast from the past!

Hey, remember when stores like Old Navy and The Gap sold make up and nail polish? I do! But I mean they weren't anything to write home about(or even blog about!) but I recently spent a few days in the Catskills with the family I nanny for and we visited the mall that isnt that far from where they have a house. Of course I had to go into Old navy because 1. they have really cute graphic tees and 2. I spotted nail polish by the register!

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the display with nail polish. Yes, the colors were not exactly unique. But I did buy two just to see how they were. I bought a creme and a shimmer.

The red is a shimmer polish with hints of gold in it. I love red so I knew I had to get a red polish. The other one that I bought was a color that shockingly I do not own. I have teals, but very light ones. This was a medium almost dark teal. Now the application. The brush is small, but not to shabby. The color went on like a dream. And dried very fast! About 5 minutes including my seche vite topcoat.

Hey, is that a green flower? Why yes it is.

I am going to put the red color on my toe nails, because what is summer without red toe nails. Now if I only had none scary feet! Ahh a girl can dream;)

Overall, I rate this polish a B+ for color and appication and an A for price. Each bottle cost 3.50$ Next time I hip up Old Navy, I will def. be picking up more colors since I know they are worth the price. But back to work for now,


  1. That is actually really nice. Glad you spotted these!

  2. Thanks guys! I hope they come out with more colors! I am really fond of the application especially!


  3. Pretty! I spotted some today when I went to O.N. but didn't know the price and didn't get any. Glad to know about them!

  4. At the beginning of the summer I was shopping in Old Navy and spotted them by the register as well! Like you stated, there was nothing unique about any of the colors but I did pick up a sort of lime green color called Lime Slush. I think it is a creme color. I have yet to try it!

  5. I never knew they sold nail polish at Old Navy! Love the teal!