Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Mani and Iwashimizu Shrine

This week I did a spring mani. I love this color, it reminds me of fruit juice, and the gold glitter really works well with it. Today my friends and I went to Iwashimizu Shrine in Kyoto, and since the temple is an orangey-red color I thought this would make a great shot.
Look, Yoshi made the picture!

This look is inspired from a look in my nail art book. The original has 4 pinky-orange nails with the ring finger being a pearly yellow. As I didn't have a pearly yellow, I made all nails a citrus orange and painted gold sparkles over the entire ring finger nail.
I also like how this manicure has gold glitter lining the top and bottom of the nail, not just the bottom.

For the main color I used Vacances Power Stone Magic #8 Carnelian (the idea of each of the colors in this line is to look like power stones, as power stones are trendy here now.) This line is really cute, and comes with a booklet of nail designs, but the only problem is the bottles are TINY. Here are some of the designs and colors from the booklet:

For the dots, I used Diamond Nail Homei, which is white with glitter. I DO NOT recommend this brand. It is a Taiwan based brand (not Japanese.) I bought it thinking it was pretty, and it is horrible. When you try to polish your nails, it does not cover evenly, and it just goops and looks horrible. I can only use this for designs.

The border glitter is Vissee, and the chunky glitter over the ring finger is from my Beauty World nail cocktail nail kit. I finished it off with Coffret D'or gel topcoat.


  1. I love seeing nail polish in action :)

  2. Hi there!!
    I just wanted to let you know that I gave you the stylish blogger award on my blog. I hope this is okay with you :))

  3. Thank you both very much ^_^