Monday, May 2, 2011

A Colorama Top Coat For My Funky Fingers!

Whilst visiting Erika today in The Island of Staten, we exchanged many highly anticipated gifts. Gifts of polish, of course. Erika managed to snag a lot of Coloramas on eBay and in the lot was one of the colorama top coat flakies!! And she gave it to me. Ohhh, happy days. So here is the top coat, over Funky Fingers Riot (my first) Thank-you Erika! This mani made my day.

Do you like flakies? What's your favorite brand/color that makes flakies?


  1. *drools* This is amazing! I'd say Nfu-Oh though I can't really back that up, I'm waiting on my first Nfu-Oh shipment. They always look great in everyone's swatches though! I do love Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, my first flakie!

  2. WOW what a great combo! I love the Nfu-Ohs, but the Inglots I bought recently are my new favs!

  3. OOh I almost wore that this week too... fun!

  4. I'd have to say my favourite flakies is 'Nubar 2010' it looks amazing over black, and over violet nail polishes! When I browse through my blog, it's always my favourite image.
    Flakies are addictive, you end up wanting to take about 100 photos of them, just to show off the light!

  5. I LOVE flakies and my favorite is GOSH rainbow