Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Erika+Pink=It must be Wednesday!

Hey everyone, wow it's weds! How fast is this week flying! I actually did this manicure a few weeks ago when Renee found the onwednesdaywewearpink blog. It is such a great idea, and fun to boot! And another reason to be pink and girly;) I need a reason!

Also Mean girls is a cinematic gem( oh you know you stop everything to watch it when it comes on TBS, also Tina Fey is a god..goddess! Her new book is hilarious!)

Close up for Miss.Jules;)
I wanted something simple (no nail art) but not to blah... Finally after literally...seconds of debate, I reached for Nubar 2010. I swear this bottle is going to be the first ever nail polish since 1994 that I will ever finish. It is just such a great topper for any nail polish color!
My only complaint about this color from WNW is that A) it took while to dry, B) it dried matte( which I guess for a neonish color wasn't a surprise and C) it needed like 4 coats. But hey for 1.99 you cant exactly complain!

But it's already Thursday here in NY, so I should go! Ta ta for now ladies;)


  1. i also had problems with fushiarama! it like never dries fully. and the color was disappointing on the nail i found!

  2. Hey Rebecca,
    Yeah you cant exactly call a polish fast dry, if it's um. the opposite. For me, it took about 20 mins to be comfortable to do things. Of course it took about 2 mins for the nubar and topcoat(seche vite). Go figure. Thanks for the comment!

  3. GAH I love it Erika! Post a close up pleeeeeease :)

  4. Yay pink wed I too just stumbled upon that it is so fun cute mani I really want 2010 so pretty!

  5. Added a close up Julie:)

    Get I hem and hawed for a while with this one, got one off ebay, and have used it probably 20 times since. It makes any color a bajillion times better. ( ok i may be exaggerating a bit here) Julie is the one who told me about the flakie goddess that is 2010.

  6. woo-hoo! Thanks lady! I think I might have to give that mani a shot today :)

  7. haha so funny! Nubar 2010 is also the most empty bottle of polish I own!! It makes every mani look sooo great, doesn't it? :)